Dick Visser, Tritonie

The four short movements are based upon a particular « three tone» aspect, which is the interval construction generated by a symmetrical series. All parts balance between tonal and atonal.

Dick Visser, Tonoi

Dick Visser, Tonoi

Dick Visser Written after the inspiring UK Microfest 2, 2-4 March 2007 and dedicated to Wim Hoogewerf. The ancient Greek tonal system provided an important fundament to e.g. the development of the european art music. Within the so-called « harmonia », the middle octave e - e', variably diatonic, chromatic, but also « enharmonic » (quarter tone) intervals were used.The thus available modi, extended with a lower and upper octave, practically signified a « stock » of different tones that was comparable to the range of the classical kithara and our own contemporary concert guitar. The microtonal scordatura of string 5, 3 and 1 in this piece - by tuning these three strings a quarter tone lower - gives all possibilities which one found in that time with the so-called transposed scales or tonoi. And which from now on are available in new microtonal compositions.

Dick Visser, Canzone da Sonar, for guitar duo

Dick Visser, Canzone da Sonar for guitar duo

Duo Delume-Hoogewerf The Canzone da Sonar is as a form an instrumental 16/17th century precursor to the sonata. The equivalence of both parts, the lyrical middle movements and the virtuoso corner movements have the pretension to enlarge the concert repertory for the guitar with duo's which find a kind hearing, although they have been written in a contemporary idiom.