Daniele Magli, Angels

Daniele Magli, Angelswings of angels above us, angels who help us and angels who needs our help

Daniele Magli, Sunshine


Daniele Magli, Sunshineun petit rayon de soleil pour vous et moi

a little ray of sunshine for you and me

Daniele Magli, Twilight


Daniele Magli, TwilightParfois ma musique est inspirée par un film.
Parfois il est inspiré par mes rêves.
Parfois je ne sais pas si c'était un rêve ou un film
mais je l'ai vraiment vécu.

Sometimes my music is inspired by a film.
Sometimes it is inspired by my dreams.
Sometimes I do not know if it was a dream or a movie
but I really lived it.

A veces mi música está inspirada en una película.
A veces se inspira en mis sueños.
A veces no sé si fue un sueño o una película
pero realmente vivido.

Qualche volta la mia musica è ispirata a un film.
Qualche volta è ispirata ai miei sogni.
Qualche volta io non so più se era un sogno o un film
però l'ho vissuta davvero.

Daniele Magli, Ghost


Daniele Magli, GhostStudy No. 6  from ' Six Easy Magical Pieces' ( Staccato Technique).

Each of us has his own ghost. Sometimes a ghost is very funny and he likes to joke. Sometimes it's a ghost from the past. And when the tone disappears music itself becomes a ghost.

Daniele Magli, Armstrong Moon


Daniele Magli, Armstrong MoonLunar Studies, No.1, Arpeggio with 6th string D tuned

This is the first study I have dedicated to the Apollo 11 mission which led to the first man on the moon in 1969. It is a story about a dream that sometimes becomes a beautiful obsession.

Daniele Magli, Apollo 11


Daniele Magli, Apollo 11Lunar Studies, No.2 , Alzapua Technique

I composed this piece imagining the rocket motor represented by the bass line and the courage and the hope represented by the melody on the third string.

Daniele Magli, Sea of Tranquility


Daniele Magli, Sea of TranquilityLunar Studies, No.3 , Tremolo Technique

When a dream comes true remains melancholy and serenity. We will never be the same..

Daniele Magli, Parallel Universe


Daniele Magli, Parallel UniverseSci-Fi Studies , No.1, Octaves with 6th string D tuned

What would have happened if everything had been different? And if it had happened somewhere?